Friday, June 26, 2009

Back on the blog

Okay, I have decided to try the entire blogging idea one more time... too much going on in my life to call and update everyone all the time and I am horrible at returning phone calls. And, I must confess, I am a blog stalker (Jennifer, Emily, Ashley) and I do get so many ideas that I just love. So, maybe people will read this... maybe not... if you are, enjoy my waste of time. Ha.

Quickly--- I would like for this blog to be a update on what all is going on in my crazy life as a new wife, a new town, a new house and a new life! I will start with wedding stuff and house stuff and go from there...

The house-wow! I just love it! We actually just bought lots of new furniture at Nebraska Furniture Mart (soooo overwhelming) and it is getting delivered TOMORROW!!!! I promise those pics will be up soon.

I will start with pics from the wedding... two of these are by the INCREDIBLE Story Photographers ( They were absolutely wonderful and I will HIGHLY recommend them for ANYONE who may ever need any pictures done! The other is by Nate... who took some fantastic pictures as well.
At the train station right after the wedding... so cute. This MAY be one of my favorite pictures:)

Jason and his stud groomsmen at the lake house before the wedding. David actually got in the water to get this shot--- the

Nate captured this moment... I have no idea what was said that caught this reaction, but it must have been good!