Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter is here

It's official. In case you haven't heard, winter is here!!! We've been in a blizzard warning for the past three days and we probably have 10-12 inches of fresh powder; however, it looks much deeper because the wind is blowing snow drifts up for four or five feet! It's absolutely crazy. I haven't been this cold in my life--- the high today is 8 and the low is -12 tonight. North Carolina doesn't get weather like this.

We've shoveled our drive way four times in the past 24 hours. Jason really wants a snowblower now for Christmas. Sadly, they're like $500 for one that does a decent job. I told him that we are able-bodied young people and should be able to handle it. That doesn't mean that everytime I get bundled up to go back outside to shovel I don't think of how nice it would be to have a machine that could do the hard part for us.
None the less, we're having a ball playing in the snow. I just made a pumpkin pie and a big pot of chili for tonight! The house smells delicious. We went sledding yesterday afternoon and we've watched mindless television. It's crazy because all of the schools are closed, now for the second day, which rarely happens. The most fun of all is watching all of the kids play!