Thursday, January 27, 2011


Sweet Lindsey sent me a message today and asked me what my blog address was. I was totally embarrassed. I didn't want to share.

And then another sweet LindsAy is always reminding me how much I suck at the blogging game. Who wants to read my life? Clearly, I'm not sharing it all on blogspot anymore... these updates shouldn't be so hard.

To the Linds's in my life, thanks for motivating me!

Life is grand in Omaha right now. It's just perfect. I love it. I have a wonderful job with incredible co-workers. I have the most amazing group of friends who I just adore being around and truly make me a stronger woman. Midwestern life is... well, just that. It's nice. Everyone around is nice. It's just nice.

The weather on the other hand is painfully cold, but this is nothing compared to last winter. We hit 40 today which was a first in a while... however, the high on Sunday is 13 I believe.

Highlight of the week-my dearest Omahan friend got home from a deployment TODAY and Ms. Rebekah Bishop flies in for the weekend TONIGHT! Today is fabulous!!! Looking forward to a fun-filled weekend with favorites...