Friday, March 25, 2011

Brad in Plaid

I am mildly (okay, wildly) obsessed with The Bachelor. I've always loved it, but I have especially loved this past season with Brad and Emily and all of the drama that each show brought every Monday night. I fell in love with Reality Steve a few season ago, and he's seriously just my favorite thing these days... he gives all of the spoilers; however, he makes everything so much more interesting. His tag line is "sophomoric and slanted" view of reality tv--- and it's so true.

Anyway, because of RS and The Bachelor, I am also totally in love with the whole concept of Emily and Brad. I think she's absolutely adorable... and just a total doll.

AND, because of Lindsey... I am now on twitter. Never thought I'd say that. But, @Lauren_Woolford is now my official handle and I'm now spun-up to 2011.

What does all of this non-sense mean? Because of all of the above, I have even more things to waste my time on... like stalking Brad and Emily.

Emily posted a pic on on twitter today of Brad with her daughter and Brad's in another plaid shirt. So, my question is... How many plaid shirts does he on? Not complaining. He wears them well. However, every pic of him is in a plaid shirt... hmm... 90 maybe?