Friday, November 20, 2009

Living History Farms XC Race

Kim and I are headed to Des Moines, Iowa this afternoon to run thie Living History Farms 7 mile Cross Country race! I don't think I've run 7 miles since doing the Loco Ocho run back in the spring with Jen so it could be a long day! However, I'm so excited--- check out a youtube video of the run from last year.

Jen Kirby--- you need to come to do this with me next year!

Monday, November 16, 2009

My first turkey cookin' experience!

I must say, I was really excited to host an early Thanksgiving dinner at our house for all of our friends; however, I also was really nervous because that meant that I would have the responsibility of cooking the turkey. I don't cook. Wait, I didn't cook...

I do think over the past five months I have grown leaps and bounds in the cooking arena--- I haven't totally ruined anything and most things have been alright, if not delicious.

I read hundreds of reviews on and got advice from others and decided on a recipe. The secret was to cook the turkey upside down in the roasting rack for the first 2/3rds's of the time and then flip it over to get the top (pretty part) brown. All of the yummy juices drip into the breast of the turkey and make the meat super juicy!!!

Here's the recipe I found on and I followed the instructions exactly (I'm not quite at that point where I can "just throw things in"... maybe, one day).

Thanksgiving Dinner pictures

The whole group, minus the missing spouses after our very yummy early Thanksgiving dinner.

The whole spread--- not including desserts!

I made a pumpkin cake--- it was a success!:)

Before it was cut-- so pretty! Okay, I was REALLY proud of myself!

Dinner is ready!

Omaha ladies:)

I always talk about them... but these are the lovely ladies in Omaha who keep me sane when the boy's not around! :)

backrow: Wanda, Jenny, Brooke, Kim, Lisa, Ginny and Erin
front: me and Jessica

missing: Michelle, Brynn, Alicia and Tiffany

A few picture updates

Dad and I went to see "White Christmas" at The Oprpheum. It was such a great perfomance--- the music was fabulous, the pageantry was incredible and The Orpheum is just beautiful! We had the best time.

Halloween party at Jake and Kim's--- the whole bunch!

My neighbor kids--- how cute are they???

Dad's awesome last minute halloween costume--- Hello, redneck!

Jason and me at Vala's pumpkin patch after our first snow.