Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I had a thought...

I had the BEST idea/thought today... it was so good that I thought, "Wow! That's even a reason to go home and write about on my blog."

I mean, that must be a good thing...

But, I didn't write it down fast enough. And I now have no idea what it was or what the big deal was.

LEW, I've updated... I'll do better.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I gave in...

and finally got a smart phone. I definitely don't need one, and I am sure that this little device will be the death of any free time I had. Or more wasted time than anything else.

But, if you've got a blackberry, we can BBM:) Hahaha.

And, I was so excited today because I finally had a reason to buy a planner. The job starts on Friday and my life is now organized again! WOOHOO!

Monday, August 2, 2010

What happened to June and July?

Clearly, blogging has gone by the wayside to anything except blogging lately. I've loved this summer... doing not much of anything, reading whenever I want, hanging out with friends, grilling and cook outs, vacations, the list could go on and on. It's been quite nice!

Although I didn't blog, or much else productive, I did take 15 hours towards my masters degree in Education Administration, so I hope that it will be done this time next year! Just following in dad's footsteps...

The big girl job starts on Friday, and I'm so excited to be back in a middle school and back in a community of educators. I like those people. They inspire me and make me laugh. There really is just something special about people who truly enjoy working each and every day with 500 7th and 8th graders. I'm so stoked! :)

The marathon was finally finished in June and we can check that off of our bucket list... I think a few friends and I are going to do the Omaha Half Marathon in the latter part of September. I'm going to have to kick myself in gear, however. After completing 26.2 on June 6, I didn't run a lick until after July 4. Needless to say, it's been a longggg slow road getting back into somewhat decent shape... even to run 3 miles. Ouch.

10 things that should have been blogged about but I never got around to it...
10-Shaggin' at Fat Harold's (okay, watching all of the old people)
9-seafood at CG
8-keeping a 4.0 in grad school
7-Ryan and Casey Ann visit Omaha (and showing the Midwest shrimp and grits)
6-winning $60 at the casino
5-just enjoying San Diego for a week for our anniversary
4-learning to mow:)
3-The Tarte on the 4th. And being with family, and friends who are like family.
2-seeing Love and Theft, Lady A and Tim McGraw so close that I could touch them!
1-finishing 26.2 with the hubs!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 5 AM: Breakfast with great friends

I met Farrah during the summer of 2004 while working at a little boutique in Pinehurst. I needed a summer job and Jax was already working there. She brought me by and Farrah hired me. I never thought that I'd become such great friends with her! At that time, Farrah was newly married to an Air Force navigator and really had never known anyone in the AF. Farrah and Brian took me in like a little sister that summer and I've been so lucky to be able to visit them in all of their locations since their time at Pope AFB (Little Rock and Monterrey). I would have never thought that I would have basically followed in their journey! They're now in Germany and we're hoping that Stuttgart will be our next big vacation (June 2011).

Brian is in training in the states for twelve weeks, so Farrah and the kids came back for a visit. Farrah's family lives in Fresno, so we decided to meet half way between Fresno and SD for a quick breakfast and so that I could finally meet sweet Macy, her newest addition. We met in this little town at the Saugus Cafe--- which has been opened for more than 100 years! Total greasy spoon: super cheap and lots of good food! We sat and chatted and had a great morning catching up! I'm ready to see them again next summer (keeping our fingers crossed). And hopefully Jason can finally meet Brian, because as much as Farrah and I have in common... I think Jason could be Brian Jr!
Me and Tate---how stinkin' cute is he! Tate's cousin Jake (high school freshman) came along for the trip and has taught Tate to say "sucka sucka"... hilarious coming out of the mouth of a 4 year old. I know he makes his mother proud!

Me with Macy-- this picture took forever to take because Macy has not become a big fan of smiling at the camera. She's precious!!!

Farrah, me and Macy.

All of us--- how sweet!

Me with my big sister! :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 4: We were tourists.

We started the day Wednesday with a short run to loosen up our legs a little bit--- I told Jason that I think I'd be a BIT more motivated to run if I could get up at any time and head out on a jog with little wind and it's 60 degrees. Oh, and it's a jog on the water as well... umm, perfection!

We then headed to the Midway for a walking tour of this gigantic aircraft carrier that was active through the Gulf war. It was truly incredible. I can't imagine landing an airplane on land, especially not on a boat! It was awesome! It was also neat that many of the men who volunteered on the boat were actual seamen on the boat at one time. They knew so much history and just had great "real life" stories. It was a very neat experience and I'm glad we were tourists for the morning!
Enlisted sleeping quarters. There's a person on top and bottom as well. Can you imagine living like this??? Ridiculous!

On the flight deck on top of the boat. 25 planes left and landed on this deck each morning and evening when the boat was at sea.

We found the life size chess and checker games at the outdoor mall. I rocked Jason's world at checkers--- notice all the black pieces compared to all of the white pieces. He eventually gave in and "let me win."

We had dinner in the Old Town area and Cafe Coyote. It was (another) delicious Mexican meal.

We stopped by the candy store on the way out and Jason was so excited to get the Indian and the star on his tootsie pop wrapper. I had NEVER heard of this legend. I must have missed that during my childhood. Jason said he remembers getting a free tootsie pop growing up for getting a wrapper with the star. However, we googled it and realized that this was just an urban legend and there is no truth to this myth!

Day 3: Return to the Mainland

Tuesday didn't look too sunny outside-- they refer to all of the fog and morning overcast skies as "June Gloom" and Tuesday definitely was gloomy! We started with a walk along Coronado Beach and through the shops at the Hotel Del. As we were walking on the beach, we noticed a submarine coming into shore... me, being me, I told Jason I wanted to see them come in and dock and see all of the people see their families for the first time in quite a while. Surprisingly, we usually don't have any of those big welcome homes at Offutt. Well, we did just that... since it was gloomy, and we didn't have any major plans, we hopped in the car and headed to the sub base at Point Loma. We actually never found the sub--- but it was well worth the trip. The base was beautiful and we got to see some neat views of the city from the base. I had no idea that there a National cemetery in SD. I have been to Arlington before, but it was just eye opening to see all of the white tombstones with American flags in front of each one. Again, I am so thankful.

We had a happy hour drink and app here, at McP's. This bar and grill is owned by a former Navy SEAL and is definitely a military hang out!

We finally made it back to the mainland and had dinner at the Gaslamp Quarter. Such a fun district of the city with lots of interesting people and shops!

I almost forgot, before we actually made it back to SD, we went to the "other" outlets, specifically looking for a J. Crew. Well, we finally found it... but it was quite possibly in the craziest place, ever! It was seriously ON the Mexico border. Like, THE FENCE was right behind the parking lot and the Mexican flag was flying high. It was so weird!

We ended the night at the Padres baseball game. We scalped tickets and got two great seats for $30! Face value was $64! Booya! I was so proud:) Although the Padres lost, it was a great time and the stadium is great. It's RIGHT in the heart of the city--- we loved it! (Sorry for the double pics below, I can't figure out how to delete them!)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

SD Day 2: Classic Coronado

The day started at Clayton's Coffee Shop on Orange Avenue in Coronado. We wanted a local dive restaurant and were pointed in this direction. It was classic! A big bar with an old cash register and seats around the bar. There were a few booths set up and oldies playing out of the juke box. Jason even knew who was singing when an Elvis song came on... I was so proud!
The old cash register--- that they still used!

The bar--- I'm sure they had delicious milkshakes. Maybe we'll go back!

We rented bikes and rode around the island after breakfast. This was definitely the way to see Coronado--- it's totally flat and everyone either rides or walks, everywhere! The views were stunning and it was such a beautiful morning!

Overlooking downtown SD from Coronado.

We spent the afternoon on the beach--- and since it was Memorial day, all of the beaches were packed. We decided to hang out on the Naval base. Fewer people, and a great view of Hotel del Coronado.

Monday, May 31, 2010

San Diego Day 1

Since we started dating, Jason and I have always said that we want to make trips out of our anniversaries, so we've started our first anniversary BIG! We're in San Diego for 8 days, ending our trip with the San Diego marathon on June 6. Say a prayer for us next Sunday if you think about it--- we're just trying to finish!

I've never been to San Diego before, Jason has been twice. It's always fun being in a new place with him because he's definitely the ultimate tour guide and he can remember exactly where we are and where we need to go. He's good:)

We landed in SD at 10am, picked up our rental car (a Chevy Caliber that we've appropriately named Cali), and headed to In n Out burger. Always a delight! I even ate french fries--- which I haven't done in quite some time! They were worth every calorie:) DELISH!

After lunch we hopped in the car to drive around and figure out a few things we wanted to do, and we stumbled upon La Jolla cave (just to the right in this pic) and it was such a cute town. Great shops, neat restaurants and lots of beautiful beaches.

We made it to Torrey Pines for a few pictures as well. Maybe we didn't see the "championship" course, but the club house was not exciting... they had signs made with plastic tarps. Weird. However, the lodge was gorgeous! We headed to the outlets from Torrey Pines, and oh my goodness... packed. SO many people. There was no parking anywhere. We finally saw a family with two babies leaving... we stopped as they got to their car, put on our turn signal and waited... and waited... and waited... as they changed both diapers. I was so frustrated. I mean, I get it... babies need their diapers changed. But goodness gracious, there is always a McDonald's right near by to use their parking lot-especially when you KNOW a million people are fighting for your parking spot! So inconsiderate.

We're staying at Navy lodges in SD and they're awesome! We have a great room, with a great ocean view and super cozy bed. Our first lodge is less than a mile from the Hotel del Cornado. The "Del" as the people call it around here is absolutely stunning!

We wrapped up the night at Miguel's, a little mexican restaurant right in the heart of Coronado. This place was great! We could definitely eat back here again, although we're trying to get our "unhealthy fixes" out of the way before Wednesday or Thursday so we feel good for the 26.2 miles we'll run on Sunday. Anyway, Miguel's was an hour wait; however, they gave you chips and salsa to sit and eat while you wait... then once you were seated, they served an incredible queso with jalapenos. YUMMY!
San Diego is everything I had hoped for and more thus far--- we're headed to the beach today!

grillin' out

It's always a good time to get together with great friends for delicious food:) Brian and Wanda, neighbors and good friends, hosted a Memorial Day gathering for everyone--- so much fun! And so much good food! Delicious!
Erin, Lisa and me hanging out downstairs.

All the ladies

Me with the hostesss with the mostest, Wanda

A few of the guys.
Another highlight of this evening--- everyone was grabbing food in the kitchen and fixing their plates and Todd, pictured in the middle above, stopped and said "Lauren, what'd you bring?" This was such a nice compliment to me! I'm glad my cooking skills are improving!

Friday, May 28, 2010

It's a Beautiful Mornin'...

That song is stuck in my head... but, seriously, it is... a BEAUTIFUL morning. I really love getting up early and getting things done. Just checkin' things off my list! :-)

And the best part of this song, it reminds of beach music... and the beach... and shaggin' at OD... and the Tarte. And those things make me smile!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Top 10

Well, it's been about 10 weeks (okay, not that long) since I've blogged... so to catch up I'll do a top 10 list of moments in the past few weeks. I'm sure I'll leave out a few great moments as well, but that's okay. And, it's really not a TOP 10, because they're definitely not in order. I just needed something to "organize" my thoughts and update this thing... I need to get back on the blogging bandwagon--- I'll do better. I will.

10. We're running the San Diego marathon in 10 days. We've done a 20 mile run, twice. I cannot imagine running 6.2 more. Goodness gracious, I'm just ready for it to be over.

9. We've been invited to be on the Young Life Arusha committee with Zac and Hannah West. I met Zac and Hannah when we started Young Life in the Blue Ridge when I was at Western and have stayed in touch ever since. They're an incredible couple and are doing incredible things in Africa with the kids there. They love Jesus and are sharing his life and love with the kids there. Ahh, what a beautiful thing!

8. We had an awesome yard sale and made some money! We specifically planned the yard sale to use the cash for our California trip. We're doing it mostly on the cheap--- used FF miles to get there on Southwest and we're staying at the Naval Lodge for super cheap, and rented a car on priceline for $14 a day. Sweet!

7. I've started cooking more again--- and I love it. We fixed a super easy bbq chicken salad last night, just like the one at Famous Dave's. Delish. I also love that it's summer and we can grill out more! Thank goodness. And, I've started baking more (probably not a good thing for the waist line)... but it's been so great trying new recipes and yummy snacks:)

6. I was mildly, okay-totally, obsessed with Dancing with the Stars and American Idol. My thoughts: I was all for Erin Andrews and bummed she didn't win, although I knew Nicole would the whole time. I mean, duh... she's a dancer. Evan... he's interesting. Just not a big fan. And, does anyone know if Erin and Max are official yet? I mean, come on... isn't it obvious? Oh, and I loved Lee and Crystal-- I do think Crystal will go on and do well.

5. I completed a "Diversity Education" class online and should officially have my Nebraska Teaching License, finally. AND, I GOT A JOB! I'll be teaching middle school PE at Logan Fontenelle Elementary. I'm so stoked!

4. I've met new friends through the Air Force that I absolutely adore--- some who are brand new to the area and I can't wait to get to know more and others who are on the way to other places. I guess it's part of the life--- moving, loving and leaving. It will be a part of our life and I will cherish that. It's a beautiful cycle but it's never fun having to say goodbye!

3. We landscaped. Holy Cow. We landscaped. We had NOTHING in our front yard and now we have bushes, plants and trees. And rose bushes. I also tried to grow an herb garden but I think it's failing... and tomatoes, and they're failing too I believe. Oh well, we'll try again next year.

2. I've had really great conversations with some really great friends. Some of those have been here, in Omaha and others have been on the phone or on Skype. It's been really great catching up and just having some really special chats with some really awesome ladies. I am always so incredibly grateful for all of the wonderful women I have in my life.

1. I learned how to mow the lawn. Now, clearly, this is not in the right order for a top 10 list... however, I was really excited and I'm so glad that I know how to handle the yard now on my own.

Friday, April 9, 2010


I'm struggling here lately. Well, I can't say that... I still enjoy it. I ran 7 miles with Ryan at the beach in just over a few seconds more than an hour--- didn't think I had that in me! However, as my miles increase in the marathon training program that I'm trying so hard to stick with, it gets harder and harder to run. I find too many excuses--- I know, they're excuses. BUT, I just wish Mother Nature would slow down the winds in Omaha until I'm done with this! I mean, seriously... every time it's a long run (and I'm now up to 16 miles)... it's like, a stinking tornado across the plains.

Ahh... I will stop complaining. I will end my excuses. One day.

I GET to run. I am thankful for that.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

dance, dance, dance... okay, stop dancing.

It's definitely spring time and my reality show viewing pleasures are adding up, unfortunately. I don't know what I did with out a dvr for the 24 years of like previous to being married. I mean, I am obsessed with my shows once they get going and I love just being able to catch up and fast forward through commercials. Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor and American Idol are the only three that I'm super addicted to, but I catch myself "dvr-ing" something just because I can! Silly, I know.

Anyway, DWTS last night was intense... it was like, "I can't wait to see the next person" because the cast is thebomb.com! Typical, I know... but they're fun people to watch. Okay, so Buzz has got to go... poor thing, he's just old and you can tell.

Kate... she struggled. Oh did she struggle. BUT, I totally give her props for getting out there and dancing. I will not bash her... just like the judges said, all of the other competitors have had some type of training or athletic ability, but she's just a mom. You go girl!

Neicy Nash. Eat your cheeseburger. Do it for the thick girls. I love it!

Pamela. Oh, Pamela... was she drunk, or high, or what??? I mean, she was over the top! I will give her props on her incredible legs though. They were smokin' hot! She was all over her innocent little dancer boy, too... he needs to get her under control!

Erin Andrews. I envy you. I would LOVE to have her job... and, she danced well too I believe. I think Maxim is a great partner for her and there's definitely some chemistry going on!;)

85-I liked you quite a bit more than I thought I would. I must say that when you legally changed your last name I thought you were such an idiot and you didn't even spell it right in Spanish. However, your cocky attitude is on FIRE and your so light on your feet. Your confidence won me over. And, I will also add that Cheryl Burke has got him on lock down--- she's the perfect teacher for him!

Evan the ice skater. I just don't know what I think about him... he looks like a puppet to me.

Every season while watching DWTS I always want to take ballroom dance lessons--- anyone want to join me???

Monday, March 22, 2010

Basic Crafts:)

I'm always looking for a craft project to complete... Jason and I did some major spring cleaning this weekend and he found (well, they were never lost. But he compiled them all together) all of his patches from the Air Force that he's collected thus far. He talked about wanting a "patch board" so I made a very simple one and we hung it in our laundry room. Looks good to me!

The best part of the weekend was getting so much of our basement organized and throwing out old "stuff." Our neighborhood does a big yard sale in May so for now, we have tons of our "junk" downstairs waiting to sell. If we don't sell it, we'll take it to Goodwill after the yard sale. One man's trash is another man's treasure, right???


The 2nd Annual "Brewfest" was held on base Friday night and we were a bit hesitant to attend. We didn't know if it would be any fun, if the beer would be any good or if it was even worth the $10 fee to enter. Luckily, we were very surprised! We had the best time with Jake and Kim and the beer was delicious! There were probably 10 or 12 "home brewed" beers, including a root beer that Kim must have filled up on 10 times. Although we didn't even like the "winning" beverage, we had such a fun evening with great friends!

St. Patty's Day 2010

Jason and I are always looking for fun new things to do around town. We're also always on the lookout for new runs or "active" things to do to keep working out exciting. We certainly found that on St. Patrick's Day with the Blarney Stone 5k run sponsored by a local running shop. It was such a nice evening--- a bit chilly but the sun was shining and there was no snow! The run didn't begin until 6pm and when you finished there was pizza and beer! I didn't run with my camera so all the pics are from after the race at the car... obviously, being silly.

It was nice to run on some of the paved trails around Omaha. There are more then 150 miles of paved trails around town. I'm excited to explore as the mileage for the marathon training begins to add up! The Blarney Stone 5k took place on part of the trail--another great reason to run!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Winter is ending.

I hope. Yesterday was beautiful-- 65 and sunny. Today, on the other hand, there's a chance of snow and the high is 43. Ouch.

Spring officially begins tomorrow and everyone around Omaha is just itching for sunshine and warmer temperatures. It was so fun yesterday to sit outside and watch all the kids play--- Marian, Lisa and I did just that for four hours yesterday. Just like summer time... it was delightful!

Jason and I are having our first official "spring cleaning" tomorrow and I'm definitely looking forward to getting some of our junk out of house and garage! It's ridiculous. You'd think we would have been married for five years with all of the stuff we've collected over the past ten months! Our closet is stuffed full, our drawers are overflowing!!! And our basement... wow. We have a LOT of work to do!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekly Update... #6

I've lost 11.2 pounds with Weight Watchers! I was so super excited about that, especially since J just got home on Tuesday. We were very diligent in our "healthy eating" plan... except on Friday night when we totally splurged on filet, twice baked potatoes, veggies and homemade rosemary bread! (a valentine's day present from mom and dad) It was VERY yummy and worth every point!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rockin' Neighbors:)

Our neighbors are incredible--- I've never doubted that! But, upon our arrival home from base on Tuesday, we pulled up to a great surprise... Okay, I know, he wasn't even gone that long! But, we thought this was just great! Thanks, Lisa and Marian!

I guess the snow can't be too bad!

Guest Room Makeover

AFTER: This was the desk in my grandmother's room--- it was actually my mom's desk when she was a little girl. We distressed it and changed the knobs.

AFTER: Switched the mirror and picture--- so all the colors are somewhat blended. Ironically, the mirror is a bit distressed and the color matches perfectly!

AFTER: It was a challenge, and with the help of an awesome neighbor (since J was gone) and an hour long Skype video call with dad, it's finally up!

BEFORE: the mirror sitting on the plain brown desk.

BEFORE: White. So white.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Best Day!

Yesterday was incredible... Monday ended late because I was up late doing random things around the house to prepare for Jason coming home. I vacuumed and piddled and cleaned and piddled some more. Nothing really exciting, but I was just excited for him to be home.

I went to bed at 2am and then woke up at 6 because there were things I wanted to get done before Jason got back and I had totally procrastinated! I went to the grocery store (Wal-Mart) and it was so nice because it was SO empty! I usually hate Wal-Mart and avoid it at all costs, but I needed things besides groceries so I thought it would just be easier to knock it all out at once. BUT, it was actually a pleasant trip--- and there were no lines at the check out!

I ran a few more errands and then my sweet AP Casey called... Casey was a bridesmaid in our wedding and is such a dear friend to me! We met in college and just clicked. I absolutely adore her! Anyway, Casey lives in Atlanta and we've been trying to work out a weekend for her to come visit... well, that hasn't happened yet. Casey earned a trip to JAMAICA in March and she asked ME to be her guest!!!???!!! WHAT? When did I become this lucky? I actually was in the car when we were chatting and I started crying! Literally, when she asked, there was snow blowing sideways across the road because it's so cold and windy! Excited is a total understatement as to how PUMPED I am to go with Casey to Jamaica!!!

AND, the best part of the day... Jason came home!!! It was fun to meet him at the squadron when he arrived. It was so cute to watch the little kids run to their daddy's as well--- adorable! We had a totally lazy afternoon, cooked dinner together and then both crashed before 8pm.

And, even better... he made me breakfast in bed this morning! (A low point breakfast, too.)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

two more random bits of excitement...

1-As of Monday, 2/1, I had lost 9.2 pounds on Weight Watchers. However, we totally indulged for the Super Bowl tonight... pizza, bud light, oreos, milk and a yummy cheese ball. It was so delicious... but the scales will NOT be pretty tomorrow!

2-Jason and I are THINKING about signing up for the San Diego Marathon in June... it would be a mini-vaca/anniversary trip and probably one of our only vacations of the summer. I'll be in class all summer and Jason will be working. But, I've started the training... and was very excited to finish 8 miles yesterday! Running in the snow... tough, but well worth it!

A few thoughts

I cannot even believe how fast the past few weeks have gone by---- Jason will be home soon and I am so excited for his arrival! :) I am so very thankful for Kim and Ginny who have been the best friends while all of the guys are gone! We've been like a unit, and it has really made this trip just fly by!

We've cooked together, laughed together, had Bible study together, shoveled snow together, etc... we've even had slumber parties when it was too cold and yucky outside to go home! It's like we've been in college all over again, without class! Well, class for me... and work for them, but it's been so much fun!

I am blessed to be in Omaha with friends who are like family--- all of the girls here are a true blessing and I am so grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful women.

We were challenged in our Bible study last week to spend an hour in prayer for five of the seven days this past week. Not an easy challenge. I can't do anything for an hour, definitely not spend an hour being quiet and talking with God. It's definitely been hard, but I've completed three of the five, and will hopefully do four before Bible study tomorrow night. I do feel like I've learned a lot about just being quiet before God and listening. Trusting. Learning. Growing.

And, on a totally random note, the Saints won the Super Bowl!!! SO exciting:)

MLK Weekend

When the guys are away, the girls will play! Ginny, Kim and I went to Chicago over the long weekend and had the best time! It was a perfect trip! Chicago was a blast- and who knew there were TWO outlet malls between Omaha and Chicago??? Just a few pics on here, more on facebook...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This doesn't count

as a real post, but I know I need to update to stay somewhat dedicated to this blog. My update:
1-Chicago was incredible. I am so blessed to have awesome girl friends to travel with and an awesome country to explore.
2-We spent a good bit of time exploring the yummy deliciousness of Chicago... we ate well.
3-I only 0.6 lbs at Weight Watchers, but I'm just glad it wasn't a gain after this weekend.
4-Freezing rain in the forecast for tomorrow... here we go again.

I will post pictures of Chicago soon--- I'm wayyyy behind on my reading for class tomorrow so I need to get started!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Fatty" Week 1

Fatty was a term that a friend of mine and I used in high school when we were both on the Weight Watchers journey. We were actually both successful at that time! Juliet and I had the best time holding each other accountable--- we'd sneak out of AP English early some days to go and weigh in during the school day and we'd eat fiber one and popcorn like it was our job. It was so much fun having a "partner" to joke around with--- which, is how the term "fatty" was coined. Fatty was our nickname for each other, and unlike most other nicknames, fatty actually stuck for us. Our entire spring semester this word was common in our vocabulary and when we see each other now, it's usually the first word said to each other during our reunion. I must say, however, Fatty has done a much better job staying little than I have... thus, I'm back and I just completed week one of Weight Watchers.

Good news-I lost 3.2 pounds! I know, each week will not always be like this. But, I'll take what I can get in the beginning! It really was a great week. I never went to bed hungry and my awesome girl friends held me accountable--- we cooked delicious healthy meals and they actually enjoyed them as well! From soups to salmon, it was truly a yummy (low point) week.

This week, on the other hand, could be interesting... Kim, Ginny and I are going to Chicago for the three day weekend. My weakness is pizza--- especially Chicago deep dish! Ahh, this could be dangerous!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My first solo project, sort of.

Solo because J isn't here; however, I am so gracious that I have the most incredible girl friends who helped me out!

I've been wanting to add some color to our house, so today I decided to go buy a bucket (okay, two buckets) of paint and start rolling a wall in our guest bedroom. I think I love it-- but I'll decide on a definite opinion after the paint is dry and the bedroom is back in order. But, it's beautiful... a nice blue grey color.

I will post pictures tomorrow of the before and after- get excited!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Quick Fix?

Anyone know how to "thaw" a frozen drain from a shower??? Thank goodness it's not mine, but it's Kim's and it has been a process trying to find an answer. Each person who has an answer has a different opinion, but I guess that's life. The problem is that no one has an answer that works! Boiled salt water, heat lamps, insulation on the outside? I never knew winter weather could be so exciting!

No matter what, I'm learning a lot living in Omaha in the coldest winter in 100 years. I've learned how to use 4WD and how to thaw pipes. I've learned how to slide across ice without looking like a fool (unless I fall). I've learned that's it's really not TOO TOO cold outside if you have a good winter coat (thanks again, Santa). Most importantly (I know, this is so cheesy... but so true), it can still be fun if you're surrounded by such wonderful friends, who are like family.

But, I'm ready for positive temperatures again. We can have even more fun when it's nice outside!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The (first) blizzard of 2010

As everyone as read via facebook status updates or heard from a phone conversation, it's rather chilly in Omaha. The weatherman said last night that it's the coldest winter since 78-79. Well, it's snowing again today and we're expecting another six inches... I'm off to shovel my driveway, probably for the first of a few times in the next 24 hours.

The view from the front door. Ridiculous.


Just like a million and one other people, a new year means another goal of losing a few pounds. Well, I'm hopping on the bandwagon and joining Weight Watchers... again. My mom and I did WW my senior year in high school and absolutely loved it! The best part about WW is that you don't have to eliminate anything from your diet. It's just a great reminder about portion control. I started on Monday so I will try and update on here each week; however, this will NOT turn into a weight loss blog. But it will keep me accountable. My main goal is to write down everything I eat... it's much harder for me to eat a whole bag of M&M's when I am reminded that it will be written on a sheet of paper that I ate them. Eww.

Update in Pictures

I am so frustrated with blogspot right now--- I can never post my pictures in the right order??? Does anyone have any suggestions? They always come up backwards with big gaps... hmm.

2009 was truly a fabulous year for me and the last few weeks were no different! We were very fortunate to be able to spend Christmas in both North Carolina and Florida with both of our families. We were able to see so many friends--- the only downside was how quick both trips were. Oh, and how can I forget how much I hate Delta/Northwest!

As I say in every post, I will try to do better at blogging--- and thank you, Farrah, for that reminder again today! But, here are the pictures that captured our Christmas and New Years. And if you're one of those people who like everything in order... start at the bottom! I'm sorry for the doubles and the funky captions (someone help me with this problem)!

We celebrated New Years at Chris and Erin's--- the girls before midnight.

Natalia, Stephanie and Me

Out in Tampa with the UCF crowd

Jason's birthday in Winter Haven, Florida

Christmas morning after Santa

Jason and me for our first married Christmas

Ryan and Jack

Family photo with Mr. Jack--- I love him!

The group after Christmas Eve candlelight service--- we had the best time!

We made a peppermint cake for a Christmas dinner party--- Delicious!

Our beautiful tree

our mantle

Our living room decorated for Christmas

Christmas china put to use!