Monday, August 1, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

Ms. Bekah B. is no longer Bekah B. Rebekah got married two weeks ago and everything about her wedding ceremony and wedding celebration the following day were just perfect! I know I need to blog about the big events in life, and this certainly is one of them... however, Bekah's new sister-in-law did a fabulous job capturing the love-filled weekend...

Check out Lew's blog here!

Book Review

I haven't always been a big reader. In fact, I think I have a "Cliff's Notes" copy of every book that we were assigned to read all during high school (I hope Mrs. Boyer or Mrs. McLean never read this... actually, I'm sure they already know that). Since high school, I've never really had much free time to read books for pleasure. However, now that I finished my masters degree in June and I flew quite a bit during July, I have found a new love for reading. I think purchasing a Nook helped too--- it's just so convenient!

I read Look Me in the Eyes, which is about a man with Autism Spectrum Disorder and really enjoyed it... however, my favorite book of the month would be Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons. Absolutely hilarious novel about five wives who live on the same block who start a book club that takes them through all of life's joys and hardships over 30 years together. Each chapter is written by different characters and it tells each story so real and genuinely that everyone can relate. A terrific summer read!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Vaca

Hello, Summer! This past year has just flown by--- It seems like yesterday when it was August and I was a bit nervous for the first day of school. It's now June 1 and school has been out for a week already.

I love it.

Summer. Tastes so sweet.

Jason and I went to Florida over Memorial Day to see his family and friends. We had the best time--- the weather was perfect and it was so much fun to see his family again. We always have a blast together. I am truly blessed to be have such great in-laws! We went to dinner with Merritt and Patrick on Friday night at Frenchie's and indulged in great food with fabulous friends. I was stuck in Omaha and was unable to go to their wedding (almost a YEAR ago) and so it was great to hang out and catch up for a bit!

On Saturday we visited his grandparents and Aunt and Uncle and then headed to the outlets in Orlando to see what sales we could find. Hello, outlets. You made my day with your awesome sales and fabulous options! Nike running shorts were only $9. Incredible. Definitely stocked up.

Jason's parents just built a beautiful new home on Spirit lake in Winter Haven and the house is just fantastic! We spent Sunday on the boat and in the pool with friends of Jason's from UCF. I can still feel the tubing incidents in my neck as I'm typing... ouch.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Brad in Plaid

I am mildly (okay, wildly) obsessed with The Bachelor. I've always loved it, but I have especially loved this past season with Brad and Emily and all of the drama that each show brought every Monday night. I fell in love with Reality Steve a few season ago, and he's seriously just my favorite thing these days... he gives all of the spoilers; however, he makes everything so much more interesting. His tag line is "sophomoric and slanted" view of reality tv--- and it's so true.

Anyway, because of RS and The Bachelor, I am also totally in love with the whole concept of Emily and Brad. I think she's absolutely adorable... and just a total doll.

AND, because of Lindsey... I am now on twitter. Never thought I'd say that. But, @Lauren_Woolford is now my official handle and I'm now spun-up to 2011.

What does all of this non-sense mean? Because of all of the above, I have even more things to waste my time on... like stalking Brad and Emily.

Emily posted a pic on on twitter today of Brad with her daughter and Brad's in another plaid shirt. So, my question is... How many plaid shirts does he on? Not complaining. He wears them well. However, every pic of him is in a plaid shirt... hmm... 90 maybe?

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Sweet Lindsey sent me a message today and asked me what my blog address was. I was totally embarrassed. I didn't want to share.

And then another sweet LindsAy is always reminding me how much I suck at the blogging game. Who wants to read my life? Clearly, I'm not sharing it all on blogspot anymore... these updates shouldn't be so hard.

To the Linds's in my life, thanks for motivating me!

Life is grand in Omaha right now. It's just perfect. I love it. I have a wonderful job with incredible co-workers. I have the most amazing group of friends who I just adore being around and truly make me a stronger woman. Midwestern life is... well, just that. It's nice. Everyone around is nice. It's just nice.

The weather on the other hand is painfully cold, but this is nothing compared to last winter. We hit 40 today which was a first in a while... however, the high on Sunday is 13 I believe.

Highlight of the week-my dearest Omahan friend got home from a deployment TODAY and Ms. Rebekah Bishop flies in for the weekend TONIGHT! Today is fabulous!!! Looking forward to a fun-filled weekend with favorites...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I had a thought...

I had the BEST idea/thought today... it was so good that I thought, "Wow! That's even a reason to go home and write about on my blog."

I mean, that must be a good thing...

But, I didn't write it down fast enough. And I now have no idea what it was or what the big deal was.

LEW, I've updated... I'll do better.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I gave in...

and finally got a smart phone. I definitely don't need one, and I am sure that this little device will be the death of any free time I had. Or more wasted time than anything else.

But, if you've got a blackberry, we can BBM:) Hahaha.

And, I was so excited today because I finally had a reason to buy a planner. The job starts on Friday and my life is now organized again! WOOHOO!