Saturday, August 1, 2009

I hate being called out.

And, I was. By Jennifer. She posted on her blog that I am back on the blog scene; therefore, making me feel completely guilty for NOT blogging over the past few weeks. And I have no excuse. I don't work. My days consist of going to the gym, catching up on DVR'd episodes of Good Morning America and The View, making lunch for Jason and then napping and watching The Food Network every afternoon. Exciting life, I know. So, Jennifer, thanks for the encouragement.

Everything in Omaha is still great. The weather has been abnormally mild for July. The high temperatures have been low 80's. It's incredible. Jason and I have tried to fill out afternoons with outdoorsy things and we've just had the best time. We played golf with Kim and Jake (another AF couple) today--- maybe I should rephrase that. Jake and Jason played golf, I attempted to play 9 holes (I think I shot an 83 on 9 holes) and Kim just drove the cart. It was really enjoyable. The temperature was perfect and there was a little breeze the entire time. The best part was going to Dairy Queen after the golf adventure... chocolate dipped cone was heaven.
We're looking into investing in road bikes but we don't want to spend $1,200 on new bikes. Well, maybe I should say, we don't have $1,200 TO spend on new bikes. There are awesome bike paths all through the city... it must cover more than 75 or 100 miles. Bikes would be so much fun to enjoy on a day like today. I keep reminding myself that I had a road bike in NC and it didn't get too much use and dad ended up "owning" my bike. I felt way too guilty to ask him to bring it to Omaha, so it's still in North Carolina.

We went to the Sarpy County Fair last night with two other couples and had an exciting night eating fried oreos and funnel cake. Wow! What an adventure. It was really a fun time! I felt like I was in the backwoods somewhere. They had all of the typical "carny" rides, a rodeo, livestock and a beer garden. As we went to the beer garden for a drink and live music, a huge thunderstorm came up! It POURED down rain and was thundering and lightening for most of the night after that. We ended up having to run to our car from the other side of the fair grounds. We got absolutely soaked!

The best part about the past 24 hours... We got our WEDDING PICTURES:) Ashley did an incredible job. It's going to be so hard to pick the best ones! I am working on uploading them to shutterfly so that everyone can have a peak. I'll post a link when that gets done.

The job search is still a search. I had an interview last week with United Way as a Loaned Executive. It would be a temporary position from August-November, but it would be a chance to meet a ton of executives around the Omaha-metro area. Hopefully, I will hear something from them early next week!