Thursday, May 27, 2010

Top 10

Well, it's been about 10 weeks (okay, not that long) since I've blogged... so to catch up I'll do a top 10 list of moments in the past few weeks. I'm sure I'll leave out a few great moments as well, but that's okay. And, it's really not a TOP 10, because they're definitely not in order. I just needed something to "organize" my thoughts and update this thing... I need to get back on the blogging bandwagon--- I'll do better. I will.

10. We're running the San Diego marathon in 10 days. We've done a 20 mile run, twice. I cannot imagine running 6.2 more. Goodness gracious, I'm just ready for it to be over.

9. We've been invited to be on the Young Life Arusha committee with Zac and Hannah West. I met Zac and Hannah when we started Young Life in the Blue Ridge when I was at Western and have stayed in touch ever since. They're an incredible couple and are doing incredible things in Africa with the kids there. They love Jesus and are sharing his life and love with the kids there. Ahh, what a beautiful thing!

8. We had an awesome yard sale and made some money! We specifically planned the yard sale to use the cash for our California trip. We're doing it mostly on the cheap--- used FF miles to get there on Southwest and we're staying at the Naval Lodge for super cheap, and rented a car on priceline for $14 a day. Sweet!

7. I've started cooking more again--- and I love it. We fixed a super easy bbq chicken salad last night, just like the one at Famous Dave's. Delish. I also love that it's summer and we can grill out more! Thank goodness. And, I've started baking more (probably not a good thing for the waist line)... but it's been so great trying new recipes and yummy snacks:)

6. I was mildly, okay-totally, obsessed with Dancing with the Stars and American Idol. My thoughts: I was all for Erin Andrews and bummed she didn't win, although I knew Nicole would the whole time. I mean, duh... she's a dancer. Evan... he's interesting. Just not a big fan. And, does anyone know if Erin and Max are official yet? I mean, come on... isn't it obvious? Oh, and I loved Lee and Crystal-- I do think Crystal will go on and do well.

5. I completed a "Diversity Education" class online and should officially have my Nebraska Teaching License, finally. AND, I GOT A JOB! I'll be teaching middle school PE at Logan Fontenelle Elementary. I'm so stoked!

4. I've met new friends through the Air Force that I absolutely adore--- some who are brand new to the area and I can't wait to get to know more and others who are on the way to other places. I guess it's part of the life--- moving, loving and leaving. It will be a part of our life and I will cherish that. It's a beautiful cycle but it's never fun having to say goodbye!

3. We landscaped. Holy Cow. We landscaped. We had NOTHING in our front yard and now we have bushes, plants and trees. And rose bushes. I also tried to grow an herb garden but I think it's failing... and tomatoes, and they're failing too I believe. Oh well, we'll try again next year.

2. I've had really great conversations with some really great friends. Some of those have been here, in Omaha and others have been on the phone or on Skype. It's been really great catching up and just having some really special chats with some really awesome ladies. I am always so incredibly grateful for all of the wonderful women I have in my life.

1. I learned how to mow the lawn. Now, clearly, this is not in the right order for a top 10 list... however, I was really excited and I'm so glad that I know how to handle the yard now on my own.

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