Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Best Day!

Yesterday was incredible... Monday ended late because I was up late doing random things around the house to prepare for Jason coming home. I vacuumed and piddled and cleaned and piddled some more. Nothing really exciting, but I was just excited for him to be home.

I went to bed at 2am and then woke up at 6 because there were things I wanted to get done before Jason got back and I had totally procrastinated! I went to the grocery store (Wal-Mart) and it was so nice because it was SO empty! I usually hate Wal-Mart and avoid it at all costs, but I needed things besides groceries so I thought it would just be easier to knock it all out at once. BUT, it was actually a pleasant trip--- and there were no lines at the check out!

I ran a few more errands and then my sweet AP Casey called... Casey was a bridesmaid in our wedding and is such a dear friend to me! We met in college and just clicked. I absolutely adore her! Anyway, Casey lives in Atlanta and we've been trying to work out a weekend for her to come visit... well, that hasn't happened yet. Casey earned a trip to JAMAICA in March and she asked ME to be her guest!!!???!!! WHAT? When did I become this lucky? I actually was in the car when we were chatting and I started crying! Literally, when she asked, there was snow blowing sideways across the road because it's so cold and windy! Excited is a total understatement as to how PUMPED I am to go with Casey to Jamaica!!!

AND, the best part of the day... Jason came home!!! It was fun to meet him at the squadron when he arrived. It was so cute to watch the little kids run to their daddy's as well--- adorable! We had a totally lazy afternoon, cooked dinner together and then both crashed before 8pm.

And, even better... he made me breakfast in bed this morning! (A low point breakfast, too.)

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