Sunday, February 7, 2010

A few thoughts

I cannot even believe how fast the past few weeks have gone by---- Jason will be home soon and I am so excited for his arrival! :) I am so very thankful for Kim and Ginny who have been the best friends while all of the guys are gone! We've been like a unit, and it has really made this trip just fly by!

We've cooked together, laughed together, had Bible study together, shoveled snow together, etc... we've even had slumber parties when it was too cold and yucky outside to go home! It's like we've been in college all over again, without class! Well, class for me... and work for them, but it's been so much fun!

I am blessed to be in Omaha with friends who are like family--- all of the girls here are a true blessing and I am so grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful women.

We were challenged in our Bible study last week to spend an hour in prayer for five of the seven days this past week. Not an easy challenge. I can't do anything for an hour, definitely not spend an hour being quiet and talking with God. It's definitely been hard, but I've completed three of the five, and will hopefully do four before Bible study tomorrow night. I do feel like I've learned a lot about just being quiet before God and listening. Trusting. Learning. Growing.

And, on a totally random note, the Saints won the Super Bowl!!! SO exciting:)

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