Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Fatty" Week 1

Fatty was a term that a friend of mine and I used in high school when we were both on the Weight Watchers journey. We were actually both successful at that time! Juliet and I had the best time holding each other accountable--- we'd sneak out of AP English early some days to go and weigh in during the school day and we'd eat fiber one and popcorn like it was our job. It was so much fun having a "partner" to joke around with--- which, is how the term "fatty" was coined. Fatty was our nickname for each other, and unlike most other nicknames, fatty actually stuck for us. Our entire spring semester this word was common in our vocabulary and when we see each other now, it's usually the first word said to each other during our reunion. I must say, however, Fatty has done a much better job staying little than I have... thus, I'm back and I just completed week one of Weight Watchers.

Good news-I lost 3.2 pounds! I know, each week will not always be like this. But, I'll take what I can get in the beginning! It really was a great week. I never went to bed hungry and my awesome girl friends held me accountable--- we cooked delicious healthy meals and they actually enjoyed them as well! From soups to salmon, it was truly a yummy (low point) week.

This week, on the other hand, could be interesting... Kim, Ginny and I are going to Chicago for the three day weekend. My weakness is pizza--- especially Chicago deep dish! Ahh, this could be dangerous!


  1. Lauren! Did you already go to Chicago?! I hope you had a blast! It's such a fun city! Congratulations on having such a successful first week on WW- you are so dedicated, I know you will get out of it exactly what you want!

    Also, I thought of you as I was shoveling my driveway today in Maine because I know how much you like to do it too. It took me 2.5 hours and was basically my workout for today. Crazy!

  2. omggggg! i just totally came across this and i'm SO GLAD i did!!! this totally makes me laugh out loud and smile. wow. and girl, congratulations:) i reallly need to get back on that bandwagon. keep up the good work!!