Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Update in Pictures

I am so frustrated with blogspot right now--- I can never post my pictures in the right order??? Does anyone have any suggestions? They always come up backwards with big gaps... hmm.

2009 was truly a fabulous year for me and the last few weeks were no different! We were very fortunate to be able to spend Christmas in both North Carolina and Florida with both of our families. We were able to see so many friends--- the only downside was how quick both trips were. Oh, and how can I forget how much I hate Delta/Northwest!

As I say in every post, I will try to do better at blogging--- and thank you, Farrah, for that reminder again today! But, here are the pictures that captured our Christmas and New Years. And if you're one of those people who like everything in order... start at the bottom! I'm sorry for the doubles and the funky captions (someone help me with this problem)!

We celebrated New Years at Chris and Erin's--- the girls before midnight.

Natalia, Stephanie and Me

Out in Tampa with the UCF crowd

Jason's birthday in Winter Haven, Florida

Christmas morning after Santa

Jason and me for our first married Christmas

Ryan and Jack

Family photo with Mr. Jack--- I love him!

The group after Christmas Eve candlelight service--- we had the best time!

We made a peppermint cake for a Christmas dinner party--- Delicious!

Our beautiful tree

our mantle

Our living room decorated for Christmas

Christmas china put to use!

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