Friday, January 8, 2010

Quick Fix?

Anyone know how to "thaw" a frozen drain from a shower??? Thank goodness it's not mine, but it's Kim's and it has been a process trying to find an answer. Each person who has an answer has a different opinion, but I guess that's life. The problem is that no one has an answer that works! Boiled salt water, heat lamps, insulation on the outside? I never knew winter weather could be so exciting!

No matter what, I'm learning a lot living in Omaha in the coldest winter in 100 years. I've learned how to use 4WD and how to thaw pipes. I've learned how to slide across ice without looking like a fool (unless I fall). I've learned that's it's really not TOO TOO cold outside if you have a good winter coat (thanks again, Santa). Most importantly (I know, this is so cheesy... but so true), it can still be fun if you're surrounded by such wonderful friends, who are like family.

But, I'm ready for positive temperatures again. We can have even more fun when it's nice outside!

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