Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 4: We were tourists.

We started the day Wednesday with a short run to loosen up our legs a little bit--- I told Jason that I think I'd be a BIT more motivated to run if I could get up at any time and head out on a jog with little wind and it's 60 degrees. Oh, and it's a jog on the water as well... umm, perfection!

We then headed to the Midway for a walking tour of this gigantic aircraft carrier that was active through the Gulf war. It was truly incredible. I can't imagine landing an airplane on land, especially not on a boat! It was awesome! It was also neat that many of the men who volunteered on the boat were actual seamen on the boat at one time. They knew so much history and just had great "real life" stories. It was a very neat experience and I'm glad we were tourists for the morning!
Enlisted sleeping quarters. There's a person on top and bottom as well. Can you imagine living like this??? Ridiculous!

On the flight deck on top of the boat. 25 planes left and landed on this deck each morning and evening when the boat was at sea.

We found the life size chess and checker games at the outdoor mall. I rocked Jason's world at checkers--- notice all the black pieces compared to all of the white pieces. He eventually gave in and "let me win."

We had dinner in the Old Town area and Cafe Coyote. It was (another) delicious Mexican meal.

We stopped by the candy store on the way out and Jason was so excited to get the Indian and the star on his tootsie pop wrapper. I had NEVER heard of this legend. I must have missed that during my childhood. Jason said he remembers getting a free tootsie pop growing up for getting a wrapper with the star. However, we googled it and realized that this was just an urban legend and there is no truth to this myth!

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