Wednesday, June 2, 2010

SD Day 2: Classic Coronado

The day started at Clayton's Coffee Shop on Orange Avenue in Coronado. We wanted a local dive restaurant and were pointed in this direction. It was classic! A big bar with an old cash register and seats around the bar. There were a few booths set up and oldies playing out of the juke box. Jason even knew who was singing when an Elvis song came on... I was so proud!
The old cash register--- that they still used!

The bar--- I'm sure they had delicious milkshakes. Maybe we'll go back!

We rented bikes and rode around the island after breakfast. This was definitely the way to see Coronado--- it's totally flat and everyone either rides or walks, everywhere! The views were stunning and it was such a beautiful morning!

Overlooking downtown SD from Coronado.

We spent the afternoon on the beach--- and since it was Memorial day, all of the beaches were packed. We decided to hang out on the Naval base. Fewer people, and a great view of Hotel del Coronado.

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