Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 5 AM: Breakfast with great friends

I met Farrah during the summer of 2004 while working at a little boutique in Pinehurst. I needed a summer job and Jax was already working there. She brought me by and Farrah hired me. I never thought that I'd become such great friends with her! At that time, Farrah was newly married to an Air Force navigator and really had never known anyone in the AF. Farrah and Brian took me in like a little sister that summer and I've been so lucky to be able to visit them in all of their locations since their time at Pope AFB (Little Rock and Monterrey). I would have never thought that I would have basically followed in their journey! They're now in Germany and we're hoping that Stuttgart will be our next big vacation (June 2011).

Brian is in training in the states for twelve weeks, so Farrah and the kids came back for a visit. Farrah's family lives in Fresno, so we decided to meet half way between Fresno and SD for a quick breakfast and so that I could finally meet sweet Macy, her newest addition. We met in this little town at the Saugus Cafe--- which has been opened for more than 100 years! Total greasy spoon: super cheap and lots of good food! We sat and chatted and had a great morning catching up! I'm ready to see them again next summer (keeping our fingers crossed). And hopefully Jason can finally meet Brian, because as much as Farrah and I have in common... I think Jason could be Brian Jr!
Me and Tate---how stinkin' cute is he! Tate's cousin Jake (high school freshman) came along for the trip and has taught Tate to say "sucka sucka"... hilarious coming out of the mouth of a 4 year old. I know he makes his mother proud!

Me with Macy-- this picture took forever to take because Macy has not become a big fan of smiling at the camera. She's precious!!!

Farrah, me and Macy.

All of us--- how sweet!

Me with my big sister! :)


  1. Hey Lady! Looks like youre doing really well! I was thinking... I wonder if your hubby knows my cousin and his wife that live there, he is a pilot! His name is Billy Malcolm. Anywho! Just a thought! Cannot believe we saw you just a year ago in St. John and now WE are the ones getting married this time around! LOL

  2. Hey lady!! 1. I love this blog. 2. On this post - are we talking Pinehurst NC?? I would have a funny connection there if it is! Hope you're well and would love to catch up! - Becky Wood